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Talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about contraception

No matter how old you are, talking to your partner about sex isn’t always easy. You’ll probably feel better after you do it. If it’s your first time together, it’s a good way to share what you both expect, and if you have had sex before, you can talk about what you like and ways to make sex better. Talking about contraception might seems like a mood-killer, but nothing will ruin sex faster than spending the whole time worrying about pregnancy or picking up some disease. It may feel awkward to talk openly at first, but in the end you’ll both be glad that you did. And just think… wouldn’t you rather have a talk about using condoms than the “whoops, I’m pregnant” talk? Or worse…get the “sorry, but I might have given you HIV” talk? Remember, your safety and health come first…do what you need to make sure you’re in control. Try to talk about this before your first time – it’s a good idea to make sure that your partner is committed to using protection before you hit the bed. If you don’t, you could get pregnant on your very first time. Some birth control methods like the Pills take time to become effective, so need to decide beforehand if this is the contraception for you. Because of the risks of pregnancy or disease, sex is a big responsibility. If you find that you are too uncomfortable to talk about these things with your partner, it might be a sign that you’re not totally ready to have sex with him yet.