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Information on emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is the contraception method that you can use in emergency, after sex to prevent pregnancy. Actually mostly it means the “after sex pill” (also called the morning after pill, the day after pill) like POSTINOR.

Emergency contraception is an „after sex” method of preventing pregnancy after failed contraception or unprotected intercourse.

The most common method of emergency contraception is a special contraceptive pill, as POSTINOR within 72 hours. The „morning after” pill is similar to the regular contraceptive pills, containing the same active hormone compound. They can be used in the following typical cases:

  • You are unsure about „withdrawal (pull-out) and/or calendar method”
  • Your regular birth control failed (condom broke or slipped)
  • You made some mistake with your regular method (e.g. forgot to take birth control pills)
  • You didn't use any birth control method before sex
  • You've been taking some other medication that may have reduced the effectiveness of your regular Pill and you're worried about getting pregnant
Information on emergency contraception

Emergency contraceptive pills like POSTINOR are effective to prevent pregnancy when taken as directed up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex. Containing only one kind of hormone called Levonorgestrel, POSTINOR prevents pregnancy before it is established. If you take POSTINOR it is 99% sure that you avoid pregnancy*. ESCAPELLE and POSTINOR (other Emergency Contraception pill from Gedeon Richter Plc.) were used in more than 400 million cases** without any serious adverse event. Safety of POSTINOR is also shown by the fact that it is easily available in pharmacies for women all around the world.

Information on emergency contraception

Emergency contraceptive pills are not for regular use, you should use them in emergency cases only. But remember: the emergency contraceptive pill has much less side effects and health risks than abortion pills or hospital abortion.
If your doctor told you that you shouldn't use the regular contraceptive pill, it doesn’t mean, you can not safely use an emergency contraceptive pill. Please ask your doctor.


POSTINOR and Escapelle emergency contraception pills are manufactured by Gedeon Richter Plc. Escapelle is a single pill emergency pill while POSTINOR has one-pill version (under brand name of POSTINOR or POSTINOR 1 or POSTINOR Uno) and two-pill version as well (under brand name of POSTINOR or POSTINOR 2 or POSTINOR Duo).
As general regional information (might not be the exact case in your country):
• In the Eastern-European and CIS region Escapelle is distributed as a single emergency contraception pill (and in some countries the two-pill version of POSTINOR is available as well)
• In Western-European countries and rest of the world mainly only one-pill version of POSTINOR is distributed (and in some countries the two-pill version of POSTINOR is available as well)
This site aims to give information on the single pill version of POSTINOR.