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Where have all the responsible adults gone?

I forgot to take my contraceptive with me to a sudden romantic long weekend. Since I already have two children and my husband and I do not plan to have more, the day after pill proved to be great help.

As a mother of two, now I hardly even remember the long weekends when my husband and I just left behind the noise of the city, and it was just the two of us hiding at a romantic weekend family hotel. Perhaps my spouse also missed these romantic getaways, because for our 10th anniversary he surprised me with such a relaxation weekend. I was really looking forward to it! I love my children, but sometimes there is indeed need for us to leave behind the monotonous daily routine, and to spend some time together. We dropped the kids off at their grandparents, so we just had to pack real quickly and leave.

The weekend was excellent and we had a great time, we laughed a lot and we also had lots of romantic moments. Every night we cuddled up together, and just wanted to please one another. Our love life became passionate again, even if for a couple of days only, just like the way we loved each other at the beginning of our relationship. On Sunday afternoon we were on our way home driving on the motorway, when there was a spark of instant recognition hitting me. Oh my God! I forgot my birth control pills at home, so we did not use any contraception throughout the entire weekend. I was so happy to be together with my husband again with self-forgetful affection that I did not think of anything else really. I shared my concern with my husband as well: I was probably pregnant. I felt like a foolish teenage girl who did not care about the severity of her actions. We had already discussed that we did not plan to have any more children, so the morning after pill proved to be a great help, but next time I will certainly be more careful.